Saturday, October 12, 2013

Whate Are Some Common Causes Of Finger Tremors?

All of us have at least some type of tremor.  Just a stretch out your hand and that closely.  The small movement?  That's a tiny tremor.

There are a lot of things that can make tremors worse.  Caffeine is a big one.  Ever get the jitters?  You know what I'm talking about.  Post workout fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, hunger...  The list is huge, but it boils down to things that have stressed the body, and deprived the body of its optimum state can all cause tremors. 

Even, over the counter medications sometimes cause tremors.

The nice thing is that if sleeping, cutting back on the caffeine, or eating a snack makes your tremors go away, you're probably going to be just fine.

However, there are those of us that experience more serious tremors.  These tremors get worse and worse, and eventually make it hard to function.  And especially in packs those who need fine motor skills for their work or hobbies, and can make it difficult to write or to tie a shoe.  If left untreated, these tremors can worsen to the point that it becomes difficult to type on the keyboard or hold a job.

If trimmers are becoming a common occurrence for you, and a healthy diet and plenty of rest are not fixing it, it might be worthwhile to get a doctor's opinion.

There are several serious causes for shaking fingers.  As discussed some of those most common diagnoses say you can be on the lookout for these problems.

Essential Tremors
- these tremors are one of the most common diagnosis.  In fact, these occur in nearly 20 times more often than Parkinson's disease.  Unfortunately, there is not a good explanation for how these tremors happen.  The best guess is that it is genetic, but we really don't know.  This makes treatment difficult.  There are a few medications which can help reduce east Rivers, and there is a surgical procedure which can greatly reduce these tremors in a worst case scenario.  The good thing about these tremors is that they do not cause dementia.

- when people think of tremors they most often fear this disease.  This disease is typically found in people over 50 years old -- although it sometimes does affect those much younger.  This disease occurs from the death of nerve cells in the mid brain.  It is an extremely frustrating disease for both the patient and his close family thankfully we are now seen some success stories out of treatments such as deep brain stimulation, and many of the anti-tremor drugs have been developed specifically to combat Parkinson's.  With Parkinson's their earlier you diagnose it, the better you can slow its process.

Multiple Sclerosis
- this disease is merciless, attacking young and old alike.  Tremors data company multiple sclerosis tend to come and go.  So one week they might be bad and then you may not have them for months.  These tremors are often the first clue to this disease.  If you find yourself facing Tremors that wax and wane over time, could be worth your time to run some tests.

The good news is, for most of us these tremors are benign and shouldn't cause much problem.  However, if you're Tremors concern you do not hesitate to get a Physician's opinion

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