Monday, October 14, 2013

How Can Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Help My Tremors?

Many people who suffer from essential Tremors are looking for immediate relief.  One of the most promising forms of treatment is deep brain stimulation (DBS).

What is deep brain stimulation?

Deep Brain Stimulation requires running a wire into the brain down to the basal ganglia.  From there, and electrical impulse can be applied to control the neural activity this section.

DBS also requires that a small receiver be implanted beside the collarbone.  A separate remote is used to "talk to" this receiver, and adjust the dose of electricity as needed.  This is important for maintaining the proper treatment levels over time.

Even though you are awake for the surgery , thankfully the DBS process is painless (the brain has no pain receptors).  Patients describe small tingling when the device is first activated, but that discomfort typically goes away immediately.

Does deep brain stimulation work for essential Tremors?

Because it requires surgery on the brain, doctors will only suggest DBS for the most severe cases of essential Tremors.

However, it does work well and the results are amazing.

Here's an incredible video of Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.

Ideally, every other avenue will have been pursued before you have to look at deep brain stimulation.  This may even include diet changes, or use of herbs and vitamins.

But, if you have to go this way rest assured that it it is a highly effective treatment for essential tremors.

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