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What Ingredients Are In Tremadone?

It is incredibly important to research any supplement before you add it to your routine.  If you have a solid understanding of what each ingredient does, they can help you make sure this compound does not interfere with the other treatments you may be doing.

What is nice about tremadone, is that it uses simple ingredients and easy to understand processes in its formula, making it easy for any of us to understand how it works.

Tremadone endeavors to improve your essential tremor symptoms by using a two pronged plan of attack.  The first step of this plan is to support the nervous system with a healthy dose of vitamins.  By doing so, it endeavors to ensure the nerves are in top health, and are getting the nutrition they need.

The second part of this plan is a carefully selected complement of herbs designed to boost dopamine and GABA levels to help improve synapse response between nerve cells and correct a uncontrolled signaling that occurs with essential tremors.

Here is an overview of the ingredients included in Tremadone.

Vitamin B2 - this vitamin is often called riboflavin.  It is an essential by them and that is not found in many foods.  B2 plays a critical role in.  helping our bodies breakdown carbohydrates into usable sugar.  Because it is not typically found in large doses in our diets, and because it is difficult for our bodies to extract it, many people are deficient in this vitamin.  Some of the symptoms include fatigue, anemia, night blindness and migraines.  Tremadone uses B2 help the body better metabolize the other ingredients and the formula, as well as to protect the body from an underlying B2 disorder that might be influencing the tremors.

Vitamin B12 - this is one of the most important vitamins -- it is actually used by every cell during the metabolic process.  Most of the common symptoms for a vitamin B12 efficiency include depression, tremors and even hallucinations.  Thankfully vitamin B12 is difficult to overdose on, so you can take as much as you need. 

Folic Acid - a typical western diet, most of our food is fortified with extra folate already, making it difficult for us to be deficient in this nutrient.  However, a folic acid deficiency directly affects the nervous system, and can lead to tremors.  If you're striving for optimal nerve health, it makes sense to supplement this vital nutrient.

Skullcap - whenever treating nervous disorders, skullcap is one of the first herbs to consider.  It works by helping to restore natural function to the synapses, stopping the uncontrolled firing in improving communication.  It also helps to release smooth muscle spasms.  Together, these two features serve to mitigate tremors.

Valerian Root - this herb is actually so effective that it has been studied alongside benzodiazepine drugs.  It helps to improve the reception of the GABA receptors in the nerve cells.  Actually, it does not have near the side effects of benzodiazepine drugs.  In addition, studies point to a synergistic effect between Valerian Root and skullcap.  Together they are more effective than when taken separately.

Passion Flower - and this herb is most often recommended for those suffering from anxiety.  By helping to relax the body, and lessen its stress, it serves indirectly to help lessen tremors.

GABA - this is an essential neurotransmitter, it is sometimes thought to be the most important ingredient when fighting essential tremors.GABA serves to regulate the neurons firing patterns, and smooth jerky movements.  This, in conjunction with Valerian Root can greatly improve the brain's functioning

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