Monday, October 14, 2013

Can Beta Blockers Help In The Treatment of Essential Tremors?

Beta blockers are probably the most prescribed medication for those who find essential tremors the most debilitating.  Ironically, beta blockers are not even intended for the treatment of tremors.  Designed to treat heart disease and high blood pressure, beta blockers have the beneficial side effect helping to control tremors.

We still don't know what causes essential tremors, it makes it difficult to determine just what pathway beta blockers used to make them better.  It has been hypothesized that perhaps a beta blockers interfere with some of the nerve signaling, thereby helping to reduce some of the uncontrolled nervous impulses that cause the shaking.

However, what has been scientifically studied is that a 50 to 60% of the people using beta blockers experience in measurable improvement in the reduction of the tremors.  Granted, this is not a cure, but for many it is sufficient to let them enjoy a living normally again.

Most people state that their Doctor prescribes 1 to 2 pills a day.  Then another case, they may simply have you take them as needed.  In fact, some people are so used to daily life with their tremors, but the only feel that they need to treat them whenn going on public, are trying to do something that requires a great deal of dexterity, such as playing an instrument.

The good news is, beta blockers are typically used by people over a long period of time.  So there's safety has been well documented.

The downside is that different tremors get worse, the other medical options provided are typically more invasive.

What are the side effects of beta blockers?

There are a few side effects to be aware of when considering this course of treatment.  The most important one is that beta blockers can cause you to feel sluggish and sleepy.  They also causing our rates to slow, may increase the chance of thinking.

If you choose to use beta blockers, stay in close contact with your Doctor anytime there is a symptom or side effect that concerns you.

What are the alternatives to using beta blockers?

Many people like to explore the herbal and nontraditional medicinal remedies that may be available.  Right now there is not a lot of research on which herbs work best for essential tremors.  However, have located a few anecdotal remedies to help you start your research with.

Magnesium - Magnesium has often been cited for its ability to help lower blood pressure.  It, too, seems to offer some benefit in reducing tremors.  The initial thoughts about its mechanism is that it helps balance PH levels, balance calcium levels, and restore proper ion flow in the cellular membrane inflow to deactivate overactive nerve signaling.

- on this block, we like to mention Tremadone. It uses a combination of Valerian and skullcap along with essential vitamins to help boost the nervous system.  These birds do not have the same side effects at your experience of beta blockers, and for some users it has appeared to be more effective.

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