Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Does Tremadone Work?

Ready To Find Some Tremor Relief?

Remember when you first noticed the tremors?  You probably thought it was just your imagination.  Eventually they would go away. And maybe they did.  But then those dang tremors came back. Strong than before.

Everytime you find yourself in the least bit of stress or trying to exert yourself the least little bit, your arms, hands and face start their shaking again.

Even worse, when you went to see the doctor, he could only prescribe some beta-blockers that only sort've help -- and likely leave you feeling quite sluggish.

Tremadone May Be Better Than Some Prescription Medications

The nice thing is, since Tremadone is made from vitamiuns and herbs, it tends to have fewer side effects on people than most prescription meds do.

Furthermore, most of the prescriptions that you are handed for your tremors were not originally invented to help with essential tremors.  They were made to help with stuff like depression or high blood pressure.

On the other hand, Tremadone was created for the sole purpose of hopefully helping provide some relief to tremor sufferers.

Skullcap, Valerian Root, B-Vitamins... each of these components plays a vital role in optimal nerve health. However, by combining them all in a specific formula, Tremadone seeks to synergize these herbs and help each one to create a "building block" for the next herb's success.

It's a bold idea, and one that most herbalists tend to overlook.

The bottom line is that Tremadone attacks tremors right at the nerve synapses. By helping heal and support the nerve's receptors, the idea is that the nerve will start firing better all on its own and stop the jittery motion.

It's a Gratifying Work

Unfortunately, Tremadone doesn't work for everyone.  (After all, the doctor's still don't even know what causes essential tremors)

However, when you receive testimonials and thank you notes from essential tremor sufferers who have finally found relief after years of suffering, it is a good feeling.

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