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Is Tremadone Safe?

Anytime you try a herbal remedy, there can be added concern.  Many times, these treatments to not have nearly the oversight that they should.

All of us remember the deaths that were caused by Phen-Phen.  Or we heard horror stories of grass being sold from China as herbal remedies eight

These are perfect examples of why you should do your research before trying a new treatment.

US Made

For me, this is one of the biggest benefits of Tremadone.  Because it is made in the U.S., at an FDA approved facility, can rest assured that there aren't added chemicals or poisons been added to the supplement.

Unfortunately many herbal remedies still are manufactured in China, which causes more risks.

Thankfully, Tremadone is not one of these.

Not Recommended for People Who Are On Benzodiazepenes

Anytime you try a new treatment, it is important to stay in communication with your Doctor, and to be aware of potential side effects.

Many of the herbs included in the Tremadone formula mimic the action of benzodiazepines.

In order to avoid an overdose, you will not want to mix Tremadone with these drugs.

Valerian Can Affect The Liver

There have been some studies pointing to liver damage from Valerian / Skullcap combinations.

People who already have liver damage from alcoholism may be more susceptible.

These instances of a hepatic damage are considered quite rare, but it is something to be aware of. 

How Does Tremadone Work?

Ready To Find Some Tremor Relief?

Remember when you first noticed the tremors?  You probably thought it was just your imagination.  Eventually they would go away. And maybe they did.  But then those dang tremors came back. Strong than before.

Everytime you find yourself in the least bit of stress or trying to exert yourself the least little bit, your arms, hands and face start their shaking again.

Even worse, when you went to see the doctor, he could only prescribe some beta-blockers that only sort've help -- and likely leave you feeling quite sluggish.

Tremadone May Be Better Than Some Prescription Medications

The nice thing is, since Tremadone is made from vitamiuns and herbs, it tends to have fewer side effects on people than most prescription meds do.

Furthermore, most of the prescriptions that you are handed for your tremors were not originally invented to help with essential tremors.  They were made to help with stuff like depression or high blood pressure.

On the other hand, Tremadone was created for the sole purpose of hopefully helping provide some relief to tremor sufferers.

Skullcap, Valerian Root, B-Vitamins... each of these components plays a vital role in optimal nerve health. However, by combining them all in a specific formula, Tremadone seeks to synergize these herbs and help each one to create a "building block" for the next herb's success.

It's a bold idea, and one that most herbalists tend to overlook.

The bottom line is that Tremadone attacks tremors right at the nerve synapses. By helping heal and support the nerve's receptors, the idea is that the nerve will start firing better all on its own and stop the jittery motion.

It's a Gratifying Work

Unfortunately, Tremadone doesn't work for everyone.  (After all, the doctor's still don't even know what causes essential tremors)

However, when you receive testimonials and thank you notes from essential tremor sufferers who have finally found relief after years of suffering, it is a good feeling.

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Tremadone Reviews

There are not many options of treatment for people suffering from essential tremors.  The bottom line is that there is a very poor understanding of just what causes essential tremors.  Until that can be determined, it will be difficult to come up with an effective treatment option.

Adding to the confusion is the possibility that two people with similar symptoms could actually be suffering from two different diseases, or underlying causes.

Does Tremadone Work?

Some people state that they have experienced good results with Tremadone.  However, others have had no results.

It is difficult to say whether Tremadone will be a good solution for your situation.

The good news is, that Tremadone does not have nearly the side effects of many other treatment options.

In order to help make your decision easier, I have searched the Internet and compiled many of the reviews here:

I’ve been using this product for the past three months. The results are indescribable – works just as promised and better than everything I’ve tried in the past. Two non-shaking thumbs up! - Marc Golin,
  Essential Tremors Feedback - YES the Tremadone yes it works, but like any herbal it takes time though in my case it was half a bottle. It does work with your current medications and I think once I have been on it for awhile I may be able to back off some of my other meds with my doctor's permission and agreement first. He is all for getting me off all the medication I am on. Within the first few days the biggest change was more energy. And I have not had that in over a year. The ebook that comes with it has a lot of helpful hints. Also if you order it email customer service unless you want them to automatically keep sending you a new bottle about every 3 weeks. I am going to continue with it. It is the best thing I have found thus far. May God Bless you on your quest.  - Suzi
I have taken Tremadone for 6 weeks. It's been pretty good so far. I'm keeping a handwriting journal to track my progress and I'm getting more and more excited. If you do join the program, I suggest taking advantage of the reading material they offer. It's easy and I have noticed that it definitely improves the effectiveness. Makes for some delicious meals too. - ? Yahoo Answers
my mother went on the tremadone program two months ago. we've both been blown away by the results. she took primidone for three years on her doctors suggestion. it helped a little but she got really bad sweats and headaches. definitely give it a try... its worth the money for the kind of relief you receive. - Yahoo Answers

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What Are Causes For Shaky Hands?

If you are dealing with shaky hands, you may be wondering what is causing them.  More importantly, you're looking for something and make them stop shaking.

Tremors can sometimes lead to a shaky hands.  In fact they're most noticeable in the hands, but may also affect the face, head, arms and even your voice and eyes.

In some cases, tremors are a sign of major neurological disorders.

However, even perfectly healthy individuals can experience shaking hands.  Sometimes it can be something as simple as being overly tired, or having too much caffeine.

The difference between "shaky hands" and "tremors" is simply word choice.

If you find that you're dealing with shaky hands on a regular basis, you should really seek a medical opinion.  It could be that you're dealing with symptoms from a major disorder, and it is important to diagnose that early.

What If My Kid Is Having Shaky Hands?

Unless your kid deals with shaky hands on a daily basis, it is probably not something to worry about.  Some kids simply shows signs of being shaky whenever they get overly excited, or are stressed.  Sometimes kids get shaky when they're hungry.  Other kids are shaky when a they've had too much sugar.

What Are Other Causes Of Shakiness In The Hands?

Essential Tremors - benign as sensual tremors affect 20 times more people than those who are affected by Parkinson's.  Surprisingly more people don't know about this disease.  The best they can tell this disease is probably hereditary.

Parkinson's - most people think of this disease I think of shaky hands.  This is these is caused when cells in the mid brain begin to die.  It begins with tremors, and progresses to dementia.

Multiple Sclerosis - this is these may or may not have tremors.  Tremors are often an early symptoms of MS and are likely to come and go over a period of several months.

Stress - some of us tend to shake when nervous.  This can also be demonstrated and other areas of stress.  Sometimes supplmenting your diet with a good vitamin can help eliminate shakiness.

Hunger - related hungry, which often become sheky.  This happens when our body has to start using fat reserves instead of sugar to meet our energy needs.  People who deal with shakiness when hungry on a regular basis, should be checked for hypoglycemia.

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Tremadone Complaints - Is Tremadone a Scam? See Real Complaints From Users

I understand that by this point in your search it is becoming difficult to believe that there might be some relief for your tremors.

It seems like on every corner there is some company with a new snake oil to offer you.

Even modern medicine does not offer much in the way of treatment options.  They do have some surgeries for if it becomes severe enough, but most of the medications have severe side effects, with little promise of relief.

Tremadone does not promise to fix tremors.  There is no scientific study on its effectiveness.  It is not designed to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

So, is Tremadone a good idea?

It is good to look on the Internet and see what other people are saying about our product.  The good news is that if someone is unhappy with a product one of the first areas that they will turn in order to have their voice heard is the Internet.

The good news is there are not many complaints about Tremadone.  Even if you dig around in forms, which are often overlooked by the average user, you don't find complaints.

However, we were successful in finding two negative reviews on

"I saw no relief or benefits from use. For the price, I'd at least hoped for at least a little for my money!"


"Did no good.
Took all product for 30 days product showed no improvement in treating tremors ads are over exergerated with false claims"

The challenge in treating essential tremors, is that no one knows exactly how these tremors occur.

And so it is difficult to form a definitive solution.

Tremadone strives to use a long history of natural healing and herbal support to help people find a relief from their tremors.

However, it won't work for everyone.

If you want to see if Tremadone can help you, click the button below.

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What Ingredients Are In Tremadone?

It is incredibly important to research any supplement before you add it to your routine.  If you have a solid understanding of what each ingredient does, they can help you make sure this compound does not interfere with the other treatments you may be doing.

What is nice about tremadone, is that it uses simple ingredients and easy to understand processes in its formula, making it easy for any of us to understand how it works.

Tremadone endeavors to improve your essential tremor symptoms by using a two pronged plan of attack.  The first step of this plan is to support the nervous system with a healthy dose of vitamins.  By doing so, it endeavors to ensure the nerves are in top health, and are getting the nutrition they need.

The second part of this plan is a carefully selected complement of herbs designed to boost dopamine and GABA levels to help improve synapse response between nerve cells and correct a uncontrolled signaling that occurs with essential tremors.

Here is an overview of the ingredients included in Tremadone.

Vitamin B2 - this vitamin is often called riboflavin.  It is an essential by them and that is not found in many foods.  B2 plays a critical role in.  helping our bodies breakdown carbohydrates into usable sugar.  Because it is not typically found in large doses in our diets, and because it is difficult for our bodies to extract it, many people are deficient in this vitamin.  Some of the symptoms include fatigue, anemia, night blindness and migraines.  Tremadone uses B2 help the body better metabolize the other ingredients and the formula, as well as to protect the body from an underlying B2 disorder that might be influencing the tremors.

Vitamin B12 - this is one of the most important vitamins -- it is actually used by every cell during the metabolic process.  Most of the common symptoms for a vitamin B12 efficiency include depression, tremors and even hallucinations.  Thankfully vitamin B12 is difficult to overdose on, so you can take as much as you need. 

Folic Acid - a typical western diet, most of our food is fortified with extra folate already, making it difficult for us to be deficient in this nutrient.  However, a folic acid deficiency directly affects the nervous system, and can lead to tremors.  If you're striving for optimal nerve health, it makes sense to supplement this vital nutrient.

Skullcap - whenever treating nervous disorders, skullcap is one of the first herbs to consider.  It works by helping to restore natural function to the synapses, stopping the uncontrolled firing in improving communication.  It also helps to release smooth muscle spasms.  Together, these two features serve to mitigate tremors.

Valerian Root - this herb is actually so effective that it has been studied alongside benzodiazepine drugs.  It helps to improve the reception of the GABA receptors in the nerve cells.  Actually, it does not have near the side effects of benzodiazepine drugs.  In addition, studies point to a synergistic effect between Valerian Root and skullcap.  Together they are more effective than when taken separately.

Passion Flower - and this herb is most often recommended for those suffering from anxiety.  By helping to relax the body, and lessen its stress, it serves indirectly to help lessen tremors.

GABA - this is an essential neurotransmitter, it is sometimes thought to be the most important ingredient when fighting essential tremors.GABA serves to regulate the neurons firing patterns, and smooth jerky movements.  This, in conjunction with Valerian Root can greatly improve the brain's functioning

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My Child Is Dealing With Essential Tremors. What Can I Do?

For most people essential tremors do not affect them until they are much older.  However for some children the tremors begin at a young age.

This can be exceptionally difficult especially for that child who is trying to learn how to tie their shoes, right with a pencil, or button their shirt -- all tasks that their peers can easily accomplish.

To make matters worse these tremors can make it difficult for a child to fit in.  Even if the child is surrounded by helpful friends, they may voluntarily withdraw out of embarrassment for their condition.

One of the most frustrating aspects about childhood tremors is that there is little chance of an improving with age.  The child must learn to accept their tremors, and believe that they can have a fulfilled life even with the condition.  This positive outlook must being reinforced by their parents, teachers and peers.

For a parent or childhood educator, it falls on them to make things as easy as possible and to be as understanding as they can be.

One of the first lessons these children must learn, is the importance of slowing down.  Encouraging them to take as much time as necessary to accomplish intricate tasks gives them permission to work with their condition.

Here are a few more tips:

Give your child leverage: Large, easy to grasp, weighted pens.  Velcro shoes.  Pull-over shirts without buttons.  Get creative, but find tools that help your child get through the day more easily.  Now, you don't want to make too big a deal out of the child's special needs.But, by having those resources available, you can let the child some as they feel the need.

Create a support team:
it starts by getting a diagnoses from a pediatrician.  You can use this information to help empower the child's teacher information about their condition.  Certain accommodations may need to be provided to help your child succeed.  It is best to learn of these early.  It also allows you to network with other parents use child may have a similar condition.

Use a B vitamin supplement: there has been some discussion that these tremors may be influenced by a B vitamin deficiency.  And children are especially bad about not eating their vegetables.  Take both facts together, and it makes sense to offer your child some gummy multivitamins that have a healthy dose of of the B vitamins.  Even adults find that the vitamins help them stay focused, and be less stressed.  So it is worth a try for the kiddo's too.

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Can The Tremadone Diet Help Me Control My Tremors?

Are you looking for some practical steps that you can take to help you gain control of your essential tremors?  I know we tend to get tired of always hearing people harped on "diet and exercise", but what is even more frustrating is listening to your doctor tell you that all have many options for your tremors.

The reality is that many people have gained complete control of their essential tremors by making life changes.  Most of these changes revolve around diet, exercise and natural supplements.

As you experiment with diet, it it is worthwhile to maintain a journal, in order to daily evaluate how your lifestyle changes are affecting your symptoms.  Each person may respond differently to the suggestions, and you may even uncover something that works for you but that has not been mentioned before.

It is also important to recognize that it takes a while for your body to heal.  So it may take several months of doing something before your body begins to correct the symptoms.

If we take a frank look at our diets, we quickly see that we each way too many sugars and facts, and not nearly enough fruits and vegetables.  After all, none of us are foreign to that wonderful food pyramid that shows us how we should eat.

Here are three major portions of the of the food pyramid that you should pay close attention to when creating a diet to help with your essential tremors.

Sugar - I think all of us have experienced over-sugared little children.  They are hyper, out of control, and running everywhere.  As much as we hate to admit it, we adults are not that different from kids.  And of our bodies cannot process the sugar properly, it may accentuate those tremors.  It's worth going off sugar for a while.  This gives your body a break from the normal overload that lives in. Just be careful to avoid aspartame as it may make tremors worse.

Caffeine - as one is almost self explanatory.  Granted, jitters and tremors are two different things.  However, it is well documented that caffeine can make tremors significantly worse.  For many people this is a one element that needs to be removed to get their tremors to stop.

- this is a brand new on of neuroscience. Exocitotoxicity is when a glutamate destroys the nerve endings by over-stimulating them.  The very real fact is that MSG and Aspartame both contribute a huge amounts of glutamate into our systems.  These chemicals have both been linked to multiple sclerosis, a may play a role in the essential tremors as well.

(When you place your first order of Tremadone, the complete Tremadone Diet Ebook is provided to you immediately with your purchase so you can begin attacking your tremor from every angle. )

Are There Any Reliable Homeopathic Remedies For Essential Tremors?

In all honesty, homeopathic remedies are hard for me to believe in.  After all, when you understand how these remedies are created, you quickly realize that they have no active ingredients in them.

The basis of homeopathic remedy is the "Law of Infinitesimal Dose".  The thought behind this is that the more diluted a dose you create, the more potent it becomes.

This reasoning contradicts modern science, and frankly, makes no sense to me

However there are many who can testify to the benefits of homeopathy.  And there are many, many practitioners of it.

With that in mind, I have compiled a list of most commonly sought after homeopathic remedies which are prescribed to assist with essential Tremors.

While encouraging you to also research the herbal remedies that often associated with essential tremor relief, I do hope that this list of homeopathic remedies provides you with a solid base for which you continue your research.

List of Homeopathic Preparations For Essential Tremor:

  • Cuprum Met
  • Agaricus Musc
  • Argentum nit
  • Arnica
  • Arsenicum album
  • Belladonna
  • Causticum
  • Cimicifuga
  • Cina
  • Cocculus
  • Curare
  • Gelsemium
  • Gelsemium
  • Hyoscyamus
  • Ignatia
  • Iodium
  • Kali Phos
  • Lachesis
  • Lathyrus Sativa
  • Mercury vivus
  • Nux vomica
  • Opium
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Phosphorus
  • Plumbum met
  • Rhus tox
  • Stannum met
  • Zincum metallicum

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How Can Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Help My Tremors?

Many people who suffer from essential Tremors are looking for immediate relief.  One of the most promising forms of treatment is deep brain stimulation (DBS).

What is deep brain stimulation?

Deep Brain Stimulation requires running a wire into the brain down to the basal ganglia.  From there, and electrical impulse can be applied to control the neural activity this section.

DBS also requires that a small receiver be implanted beside the collarbone.  A separate remote is used to "talk to" this receiver, and adjust the dose of electricity as needed.  This is important for maintaining the proper treatment levels over time.

Even though you are awake for the surgery , thankfully the DBS process is painless (the brain has no pain receptors).  Patients describe small tingling when the device is first activated, but that discomfort typically goes away immediately.

Does deep brain stimulation work for essential Tremors?

Because it requires surgery on the brain, doctors will only suggest DBS for the most severe cases of essential Tremors.

However, it does work well and the results are amazing.

Here's an incredible video of Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.

Ideally, every other avenue will have been pursued before you have to look at deep brain stimulation.  This may even include diet changes, or use of herbs and vitamins.

But, if you have to go this way rest assured that it it is a highly effective treatment for essential tremors.

Can Beta Blockers Help In The Treatment of Essential Tremors?

Beta blockers are probably the most prescribed medication for those who find essential tremors the most debilitating.  Ironically, beta blockers are not even intended for the treatment of tremors.  Designed to treat heart disease and high blood pressure, beta blockers have the beneficial side effect helping to control tremors.

We still don't know what causes essential tremors, it makes it difficult to determine just what pathway beta blockers used to make them better.  It has been hypothesized that perhaps a beta blockers interfere with some of the nerve signaling, thereby helping to reduce some of the uncontrolled nervous impulses that cause the shaking.

However, what has been scientifically studied is that a 50 to 60% of the people using beta blockers experience in measurable improvement in the reduction of the tremors.  Granted, this is not a cure, but for many it is sufficient to let them enjoy a living normally again.

Most people state that their Doctor prescribes 1 to 2 pills a day.  Then another case, they may simply have you take them as needed.  In fact, some people are so used to daily life with their tremors, but the only feel that they need to treat them whenn going on public, are trying to do something that requires a great deal of dexterity, such as playing an instrument.

The good news is, beta blockers are typically used by people over a long period of time.  So there's safety has been well documented.

The downside is that different tremors get worse, the other medical options provided are typically more invasive.

What are the side effects of beta blockers?

There are a few side effects to be aware of when considering this course of treatment.  The most important one is that beta blockers can cause you to feel sluggish and sleepy.  They also causing our rates to slow, may increase the chance of thinking.

If you choose to use beta blockers, stay in close contact with your Doctor anytime there is a symptom or side effect that concerns you.

What are the alternatives to using beta blockers?

Many people like to explore the herbal and nontraditional medicinal remedies that may be available.  Right now there is not a lot of research on which herbs work best for essential tremors.  However, have located a few anecdotal remedies to help you start your research with.

Magnesium - Magnesium has often been cited for its ability to help lower blood pressure.  It, too, seems to offer some benefit in reducing tremors.  The initial thoughts about its mechanism is that it helps balance PH levels, balance calcium levels, and restore proper ion flow in the cellular membrane inflow to deactivate overactive nerve signaling.

- on this block, we like to mention Tremadone. It uses a combination of Valerian and skullcap along with essential vitamins to help boost the nervous system.  These birds do not have the same side effects at your experience of beta blockers, and for some users it has appeared to be more effective.

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Top Herbal Remedies For Essential Tremors

For the essential tremor a sufferer, there are not many true cures on the market.  There are some surgery options, and several prescriptions that may provide relief.

But, right now, if the doctors aren't sure what causes essential tremors.

So for many, it makes sense to look at nontraditional treatment options.

Many people with essential tremors have mentioned as certain herbs can to make their tremors better.  There is no real scientific evidence behind this, just anecdotal evidence from other sufferers.

If you are currently taking prescription meds, it is important to stay in communication with your Doctor about other treatments you may be trying.

The Difficulty With Finding A Cure

Right now, the best we understand about essential tremors, is that it is some type of hereditary or genetic mutation.  Certain things such as its aspartame may make it worse, but even that is not definitive

Best we can decide is that tremors result from some type of misfiring of electrical signals within the brain, most likely located in the thalamus where muscle activity is controlled.

The idea behind herbal treatment, is that it can provide herbal support to the parts of the brain that are most vulnerable and are most likely related to tremors.

So, by using the anecdotal evidence and years of experience herbal treatment, we can draw some analysts and may be helpful for people dealing with essential tremors.

Valerian - Valerian has long been reputed as being a calming herb.  It is thought that it helps increase the GABA levels in the brain, which then helps compensate for blocked or nonfunctioning GABA receptors that may be causing the tremors.

Skullcap - Skullcap is a top candidate for two reasons.  First of all, it seems that may help increase circulation in the brain.  If true, that can only be good.  Secondly, it has a long history of being a calming herb.  And, finally, recent trials that combine it with the Valerian showed that it made the Valerian more effective when treating tremors.

Magnesium - While we often talk about calcium deficiencies, many people don't think about magnesium which is equally important.  It can be a little difficult to detect if you are deficient in magnesium, but it is fairly easy to reintroduce it into your diet.  Balanced magnesium levels help relax muscles, which may be helpful.

- This herb has a well known history, among people with seizures.  There have been some recent studies surrounding Passionflower, and comparing its effectiveness against Oxazepam when used to reduce tremors.  Right now, it appears to be every bit as effective, making this one of top contender for the sensual tremors sufferers to consider.

Kava kava - This one is often considered because it works much like benzodiazepines and that it has a calming effect.  However this herb is easy to overdose on, and will actually make the tremors worse if you overdo it.

Lady Slippers
- Many people use lady slippers as a relaxing herb to help them sleep.  While not a drowsy agent, it does help the brain stop racing and prepares to rest.  If you read reviews on Amazon, there are some people have mentioned helping their hand tremors.

Tremadone combines Valerian root, Skullcap, B2, B12 and Passionflower in the synergistic compound designed to let you get the best benefit from each of these herbs.  Click on the image below to check it out

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Whate Are Some Common Causes Of Finger Tremors?

All of us have at least some type of tremor.  Just a stretch out your hand and that closely.  The small movement?  That's a tiny tremor.

There are a lot of things that can make tremors worse.  Caffeine is a big one.  Ever get the jitters?  You know what I'm talking about.  Post workout fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, hunger...  The list is huge, but it boils down to things that have stressed the body, and deprived the body of its optimum state can all cause tremors. 

Even, over the counter medications sometimes cause tremors.

The nice thing is that if sleeping, cutting back on the caffeine, or eating a snack makes your tremors go away, you're probably going to be just fine.

However, there are those of us that experience more serious tremors.  These tremors get worse and worse, and eventually make it hard to function.  And especially in packs those who need fine motor skills for their work or hobbies, and can make it difficult to write or to tie a shoe.  If left untreated, these tremors can worsen to the point that it becomes difficult to type on the keyboard or hold a job.

If trimmers are becoming a common occurrence for you, and a healthy diet and plenty of rest are not fixing it, it might be worthwhile to get a doctor's opinion.

There are several serious causes for shaking fingers.  As discussed some of those most common diagnoses say you can be on the lookout for these problems.

Essential Tremors
- these tremors are one of the most common diagnosis.  In fact, these occur in nearly 20 times more often than Parkinson's disease.  Unfortunately, there is not a good explanation for how these tremors happen.  The best guess is that it is genetic, but we really don't know.  This makes treatment difficult.  There are a few medications which can help reduce east Rivers, and there is a surgical procedure which can greatly reduce these tremors in a worst case scenario.  The good thing about these tremors is that they do not cause dementia.

- when people think of tremors they most often fear this disease.  This disease is typically found in people over 50 years old -- although it sometimes does affect those much younger.  This disease occurs from the death of nerve cells in the mid brain.  It is an extremely frustrating disease for both the patient and his close family thankfully we are now seen some success stories out of treatments such as deep brain stimulation, and many of the anti-tremor drugs have been developed specifically to combat Parkinson's.  With Parkinson's their earlier you diagnose it, the better you can slow its process.

Multiple Sclerosis
- this disease is merciless, attacking young and old alike.  Tremors data company multiple sclerosis tend to come and go.  So one week they might be bad and then you may not have them for months.  These tremors are often the first clue to this disease.  If you find yourself facing Tremors that wax and wane over time, could be worth your time to run some tests.

The good news is, for most of us these tremors are benign and shouldn't cause much problem.  However, if you're Tremors concern you do not hesitate to get a Physician's opinion

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Can Essential Oils Help Tremors?

Essential oils belong in a magical world of their own.  While we may not fully understand the mechanism of how they work, it does seem that they play a vital role in helping to regulate our body's neurotransmitters, endorphins and hormones.

Different scents seem to trigger different effects in the body.  Some oils are more soothing, while others helped boost the immune system, or awaken the senses.

Some people dealing with tremors have found essential oils to be helpful.  This is anecdotal evidence, so do your own research before taking any of these.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, so it is best to dilute a few drops of essential oil in another oil -- such as olive oil -- before applying to your skin.

Here are a few oils to consider:

Lavender - Lavender is often highlighted for its relaxing benefits.  It works by calming over-active nerves and may help soothe the nervous excitement that triggers the essential tremors' response.

Rosemary - Rosemary is often prized for its benefits to the circulation and muscles.  It helps to loosen and warm the body, and improves overall arm health.

Lemon Oil -Lemon oil has some of the most research behind it.  This research seems to demonstrate that lemon oil can help suppress both the nervous and sympathetic nervous systems.  Most often it is recommended because it can help control appetite.  But it may point to potential side benefits for a tremor sufferer.

There are only a few tremor sufferers who have mentioned using essential oils.  So if you try them, and they work for you, be sure to share on the Internet the benefits you experienced.

However, if nothing else they smell great, and are a great routine to have in your day

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