Monday, October 21, 2013

What Are Causes For Shaky Hands?

If you are dealing with shaky hands, you may be wondering what is causing them.  More importantly, you're looking for something and make them stop shaking.

Tremors can sometimes lead to a shaky hands.  In fact they're most noticeable in the hands, but may also affect the face, head, arms and even your voice and eyes.

In some cases, tremors are a sign of major neurological disorders.

However, even perfectly healthy individuals can experience shaking hands.  Sometimes it can be something as simple as being overly tired, or having too much caffeine.

The difference between "shaky hands" and "tremors" is simply word choice.

If you find that you're dealing with shaky hands on a regular basis, you should really seek a medical opinion.  It could be that you're dealing with symptoms from a major disorder, and it is important to diagnose that early.

What If My Kid Is Having Shaky Hands?

Unless your kid deals with shaky hands on a daily basis, it is probably not something to worry about.  Some kids simply shows signs of being shaky whenever they get overly excited, or are stressed.  Sometimes kids get shaky when they're hungry.  Other kids are shaky when a they've had too much sugar.

What Are Other Causes Of Shakiness In The Hands?

Essential Tremors - benign as sensual tremors affect 20 times more people than those who are affected by Parkinson's.  Surprisingly more people don't know about this disease.  The best they can tell this disease is probably hereditary.

Parkinson's - most people think of this disease I think of shaky hands.  This is these is caused when cells in the mid brain begin to die.  It begins with tremors, and progresses to dementia.

Multiple Sclerosis - this is these may or may not have tremors.  Tremors are often an early symptoms of MS and are likely to come and go over a period of several months.

Stress - some of us tend to shake when nervous.  This can also be demonstrated and other areas of stress.  Sometimes supplmenting your diet with a good vitamin can help eliminate shakiness.

Hunger - related hungry, which often become sheky.  This happens when our body has to start using fat reserves instead of sugar to meet our energy needs.  People who deal with shakiness when hungry on a regular basis, should be checked for hypoglycemia.

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