Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can The Tremadone Diet Help Me Control My Tremors?

Are you looking for some practical steps that you can take to help you gain control of your essential tremors?  I know we tend to get tired of always hearing people harped on "diet and exercise", but what is even more frustrating is listening to your doctor tell you that all have many options for your tremors.

The reality is that many people have gained complete control of their essential tremors by making life changes.  Most of these changes revolve around diet, exercise and natural supplements.

As you experiment with diet, it it is worthwhile to maintain a journal, in order to daily evaluate how your lifestyle changes are affecting your symptoms.  Each person may respond differently to the suggestions, and you may even uncover something that works for you but that has not been mentioned before.

It is also important to recognize that it takes a while for your body to heal.  So it may take several months of doing something before your body begins to correct the symptoms.

If we take a frank look at our diets, we quickly see that we each way too many sugars and facts, and not nearly enough fruits and vegetables.  After all, none of us are foreign to that wonderful food pyramid that shows us how we should eat.

Here are three major portions of the of the food pyramid that you should pay close attention to when creating a diet to help with your essential tremors.

Sugar - I think all of us have experienced over-sugared little children.  They are hyper, out of control, and running everywhere.  As much as we hate to admit it, we adults are not that different from kids.  And of our bodies cannot process the sugar properly, it may accentuate those tremors.  It's worth going off sugar for a while.  This gives your body a break from the normal overload that lives in. Just be careful to avoid aspartame as it may make tremors worse.

Caffeine - as one is almost self explanatory.  Granted, jitters and tremors are two different things.  However, it is well documented that caffeine can make tremors significantly worse.  For many people this is a one element that needs to be removed to get their tremors to stop.

- this is a brand new on of neuroscience. Exocitotoxicity is when a glutamate destroys the nerve endings by over-stimulating them.  The very real fact is that MSG and Aspartame both contribute a huge amounts of glutamate into our systems.  These chemicals have both been linked to multiple sclerosis, a may play a role in the essential tremors as well.

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