Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Child Is Dealing With Essential Tremors. What Can I Do?

For most people essential tremors do not affect them until they are much older.  However for some children the tremors begin at a young age.

This can be exceptionally difficult especially for that child who is trying to learn how to tie their shoes, right with a pencil, or button their shirt -- all tasks that their peers can easily accomplish.

To make matters worse these tremors can make it difficult for a child to fit in.  Even if the child is surrounded by helpful friends, they may voluntarily withdraw out of embarrassment for their condition.

One of the most frustrating aspects about childhood tremors is that there is little chance of an improving with age.  The child must learn to accept their tremors, and believe that they can have a fulfilled life even with the condition.  This positive outlook must being reinforced by their parents, teachers and peers.

For a parent or childhood educator, it falls on them to make things as easy as possible and to be as understanding as they can be.

One of the first lessons these children must learn, is the importance of slowing down.  Encouraging them to take as much time as necessary to accomplish intricate tasks gives them permission to work with their condition.

Here are a few more tips:

Give your child leverage: Large, easy to grasp, weighted pens.  Velcro shoes.  Pull-over shirts without buttons.  Get creative, but find tools that help your child get through the day more easily.  Now, you don't want to make too big a deal out of the child's special needs.But, by having those resources available, you can let the child some as they feel the need.

Create a support team:
it starts by getting a diagnoses from a pediatrician.  You can use this information to help empower the child's teacher information about their condition.  Certain accommodations may need to be provided to help your child succeed.  It is best to learn of these early.  It also allows you to network with other parents use child may have a similar condition.

Use a B vitamin supplement: there has been some discussion that these tremors may be influenced by a B vitamin deficiency.  And children are especially bad about not eating their vegetables.  Take both facts together, and it makes sense to offer your child some gummy multivitamins that have a healthy dose of of the B vitamins.  Even adults find that the vitamins help them stay focused, and be less stressed.  So it is worth a try for the kiddo's too.

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